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 439 Ramsey Avenue, Chambersburg, Pa. 17201     Phone :  717-264-6589

Music Lessons

$ 20 Per 1/2 Hour Lesson
Please Call For Details  
No Big Payment To Start Lessons.
In Fact, You Can Book Lessons One At A Time.
School Students - Need Help With Band Music ?

I teach private lessons because I can
teach more instruments than the local
stores and schools of music will allow.

In fact, I encourage students to learm
something about guitar, keyboard,
drumset & electric bass.

The 4 instruments of the modern band.

Music Theory Presentations

Click the links below to view a presentation.

Introduction To The Keyboard !
Click the keyboard to view a presentation.

The Musical Staff

Notes and Rhythm

Non-Theory, Practical Information

Links of Interest
Links to information regarding : Musical Terms - Talking Dictionary, Tuning You
Instrument, Sheet Music, Music Writting Software, Educational Links, Stringed
Instrument Repair, Marching, Copyright, Schools and Careet Opportunities,
Drug Addiction Rehab

Instrument - Guitar - Quick Start

Instrument Trumpet - Up An Octave

I have a growing presence on YouTube.    Crude, but I hope of help to some.

Music Makes Life More Enjoyable !

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I n s t r u m e n t   R e p a i r s

Attention : Chambersburg, Pa. - Patrons
I only do minor repairs.   So, I recommend these folks.

For Strings
Ron Carney, " The String Doctor "
Phone 443-293-2845
5735 Conover Road
Taneytown, Md 21787-1213
* I act as a drop-off and pick-up point.

For Band Instruments
Mizell Music
Phone 301-791-1305
835 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Md 21740

For Band Instruments
Menchey Music Service
Phone 717-637-2185
80 Wetzel Drive
Hanover, Pa 17331

Please mention my name when you
contact these businesses. They are
all friends of mine and I would like
them to know that I support their

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Tribute - Maynard Ferguson

Some trumpet players can hit high notes.
Some trumpet players can play songs high.
The question is, which kind are you ?

As you watch, notice the effort being produced.
His bent knees and backward tilt are to enhance
the valsalva maneuver. Remember air speed
is critical to playing in the upper register.

79 Videos of Maynard

A version of video # 72 - Malaguena - made me want to play like that.

The offical website of Maynard Ferguson

Bob's - Trumpet - Up An Octave

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Tribute - David J McCandless - To Sir, with love.

David was the high school band director at Greencastle, Pennsylvania. I was honored to serve as a consultant to his band program and thrilled, that later in life, he would introduce me as, " his assistant band director ". An honorary title of his making.

David was a notable french horn player and teacher. David had a memory like a steel trap and could whistle the 2nd and 3rd clarinet parts of major works from memory. For those who had the opportunity - it was a pleasure to sit under his baton. His band members called him " Sir ".

David shared his love of classical music and opera with everybody.

The band directors I considered to be the best, took great strides to make sure the musician rendered the part exactly the way the band director wanted. This involved lots of singing parts, switching instruments or transposing, dictating parts and play-along. But, the final product was always something special.

While on staff in Greencastle, I first came to the realization that I could reach a high school level on all those band instruments. Dave had them laying on a ledge, in front of a blackboard just behind his podium. He would say "No-No-Like This" and pickup an instrument. Dave had one additional skill, I could never develop - he could whistle all the parts.

Every chance he had, Dave would go to the University and take clarinet lessons, Before He passed, he saw many of his students become really good musicians - including playing in the New York Metropolitan Opera Orchestra.

Simply stated, I loved him like a brother.

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